Wyoming District - LCMS

District High School Task Force

Resolution 3-01b-2015


 (Overture 3-01-15; Resolution 3-01-2015; Resolution 3-01a-2015)


WHEREAS, the Lord has commanded parents to raise up their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord; and


WHEREAS, in answer to this, the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod has placed high value on Lutheran education; and


WHEREAS, several congregations of the Wyoming District have elementary schools which use a classical curriculum and pedagogy; and


WHEREAS, interest in forming a Lutheran high school has been expressed in various corners of the District; and


WHEREAS, the closest thing to a Lutheran high school to be found in the Wyoming District is the Western Heritage Lutheran Academy in Riverton, and no other schools in the District currently have plans to expand to include a high school in the nearest future; and


WHEREAS, the Synod exists, in part to "Aid congregations to develop processes of thorough Christian education and nurture and to establish agencies of Christian education (Constitution, Article III); therefore be it


RESOLVED, that the Wyoming District in convention authorize the formation of a task force to work toward offering to the congregations of the Wyoming District a Lutheran high school using classical curriculum; and be it further


RESOLVED, that the task force be appointed by the District President, who will seek volunteers, especially giving consideration to the following constituencies in the formation of this task force: 1) the Commission of Congregational Services, 2) the Education Chairman, 3) the congregations in the District which currently have an elementary school, especially pastors and rostered teachers, 4) laity from District congregations who have an interest in and knowledge of Lutheran education, 5) pastors from other congregations who have an interest in a Lutheran high school; and be it further


RESOLVED, that the task force study and consider all possibilities and means of offering such an education, including, but not limited to, traditional brick and mortar, online classes, satellite education sites, curriculum development efforts for home schooling, and other options that seem fitting; and be it further


RESOLVED that the task force should research and develop a detailed plan presenting an outline on the following subject matter: structure, location, projected student enrollment, administration, staffing, financing, Wyoming District involvement and support, and milestone dates and schedule; and be it finally


RESOLVED, that if, in the judgment of the BOD, the plan presented is feasible without disruption to the current district structure and programs, that they be given approval to move forward, or they make a report with recommendations to the 2018 convention.


Action: Adopted as presented to the Convention.


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